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The core members of Ozark Revival are Aaron and Kevin Lane. Aaron was born in 1976 and is from New Melle, MO. He is the singer and songwriter, and co-founder of the band. He also plays the acoustic guitar. Kevin, the other co-founder, was born in 1973, and is also from New Melle, Mo. Kevin wears many hats, He plays lead guitar, acoustic and bass guitar. He is the studio tech and graphic designer as well.

 They’ve been playing together at family gatherings for years, but officially started playing gigs around 2007. Their first band name was “The Lane Branez”, but soon changed it to Ozark Revival. They have played many different festivals in the area along with several bars and private events. Other members who join them occaissionally are Kerry Lane who plays bass guitar, Dennis Guinn on the drums, and David Alley who plays steel guitar. Aaron, who is blind, started to learn to play guitar on his own, in 2006 and soon after began to write songs. Ozark Revival began recording in 2011 and released their debut album in December of 2012. In February of 2014 they started working on their second album, and they have just recently released the title track as a single. The newly released single can be downloaded free after signing up for their mailing list at http://www.ozarkrevival.com


                Ozark Revival’s sound would fall in the category of Americana. They are influenced by, and enjoy many styles of music, such as blues, bluegrass, traditional country, folk and southern rock. Take the styles of Waylon, Willie, Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jim Croce, Elvis, George Jones and Billy Joe Shaver, throw’em all in a stew pot, and you get Ozark Revival.